4:41pm: aw! bugger! Magic Dirt tour: i’m in Cairns for the Brisbane show & in Brisbane for the Cairns show! the universe is a bastard.

5:12pm: i’d kinda like to move, &’m looking for rents. West End, I think, but I bet I won’t ’cause i’m lazy. oh my lease must expire soon ..

7:48pm: hey yay! I can apply to change my name online! i’ma doit right now!

8:12pm: I can’t pick a name.

8:36pm: I looked it up. my name does mean roofer. yay.

9:07pm: k, I gave up trying to think of a name. ’cause if I kept thinking i’d never change it. well i’ve been thinking for like 42584575 years! so I just changed it, but i’m not telling what to. 😀

I painted today! and did do laundry and homework. yay me I love me i’m great yay.