at work

o hallo. I haven’t updated for several months. I guess there are a bunch of reasons.

  • I’ve been keeping a pretty vigilant paper journal.
  • I can’t really write about my work on the internet. I’m reasonably sure it would break some rule in my code of ethics.
  • I feel similarly awkward about writing about my friends on the internet, and I spend so much time with them.. I mean, when I’m not at work I’m doing some social thing. If I write neither about my work nor my friends, there ain’t much left.
  • There are a few people who read this whom I would really prefer didn’t. I don’t know quite what I can do about that except not write.

It makes me a bit regretful, a bit sad, because I recently ordered another copy of the published version of this dazelie and reading over it delights me so. but whatevs. I am writing today because I forgot to bring my journal to work, and I just found a quote I would really like to note down:

…stretching the truth so far that it curved nearly into the shape of a lie.

and another, from a blog article:

I’ve found that I can learn simply by trying to understand why someone disagrees with me. By that, I mean what reasoning they use to reach their conclusions.

Being wrong feels just like being right.

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