Jellyfish hiphop

I’ve had some kind of zombie virus for a week or more. At first it was all sinus pain and headaches, then the sinus went away and it was unstoppable headaches of doom along with extreme fatigue and lethargy. I didn’t leave the house for about a week.

Friday I had two clients at Brenton’s and was feeling fine. We afterwards went to dinner at Tom and Alanna’s and it was so much fun. At one point I had three different alcoholic beverages in front of me. I got to play with a puppy. I asked this question:

In a lake, there is a patch of lily pads. Every day, the patch doubles in size. If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the entire lake, how long would it take for the patch to cover half of the lake?

Brenton got it in about two seconds. What a jerk.

Saturday we went to my friend Jake’s house in the afternoon and watched The Lost Boys and drank more wine, then we went to Merthyr Bowls for Chrissy’s 30th birthday. Bar tab! I ranted for a time about how much more time and energy and financing should be being put towards teleportation. Teleportation is the future!

We went out afterwards to the Beat and I may or may not have been kicked out.

Sunday was spent drinking (again) with Josh and Jimmy at Brenton’s house. We stayed up till way late watching youtubes. We listened to some music that Josh said was “jellyfish hiphop.” I loved this phrase so much that I drew a mushroom-headed psychedelic hiphop jellyfish in my journal and ended up writing some really nonsense poetry.

So this was a really, really big weekend and today I am feeling it. I don’t think I will be doing such things on Sunday nights anymore.

a typical conversation with Marie

Overocea: marie
Overocea: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugh
Overocea: marie
Overocea: ugh
Overocea: :””””””( ugh
Overocea: :””””””””””””””””””””””””””'(

Hori: Wut?
Overocea: hi marie

Hori: WUT?
Overocea: nuthin
Hori: What you want?
Hori: Cheesus

Overocea: idk
Hori: You’re the worst
Overocea: ^_^
Hori: What are you up to today?
Overocea: being bored
Hori: Haha
Overocea: what are you doing why are you on your phone are you doing something fun? what is it?
Overocea: what is it what what what is it

Hori: I bought dad something for father’s day
Hori: Then I went looking for pokemon figurines but couldn’t find any
Hori: Now I am heading home

Overocea: oh
Hori: Yeah
Hori: To play the sims

Overocea: ughhhhhhhhhhh
Hori: Wut
Overocea: sims
Overocea: something more exciting than fathers day and the sims
Overocea: idk what
Overocea: just
Overocea: something

Hori: I could play the Game of Life by myself
Overocea: now that is something
Hori: It’s like the sims
Hori: But more depressing

Overocea: yay!
Hori: Or I could just lie and play the sims
Hori: You are doing nothing anyway
Hori: That’s even MORE boring

Overocea: this is why i need to hear not boring things
Hori: Why don’t you go do something
Overocea: tbh i’m working
Hori: Go to toy places in the city and find ones that have pokemons
Hori: And report back your findings

Overocea: not sure that is something iiiiiiiii wanna do
Hori: To me
Hori: No it’ll be fun
Hori: We can pretend it’s like a secret mission, and I’m the head of interpol or something.

Overocea: no marie
Overocea: no
Overocea: marie no

Hori: I hired out cowboy bebop
Overocea: cool