I am drunk

what happened tonight was this:

Chelle came over at around 3pm and we sat in the backyard with glasses of wine, playing with Guppy, till I realised it was time to go and meet Marie at 6pm at the Fringe bar for drinkings.

Chelle kindly drove me to the Valley, where the Fringe is, on her (out of the) way to other engagements, only once we arrived we sat in the car chatting, unable to stop. We need more time together.

Marie had left her wallet on the train, so had no money, or ID, or gocard. poor thing! I bought her drinks and instead of a gocard she is now asleep on the couch. she doesn’t realise what she is missing. Ever After is now on, and omg, it is such the best movie ever and I love it so much.

OH GOD MARGUERITE why did you have to throw her shoes on the fire  D:

I didn’t eat anything today until new york slice after beers. right after I got my slice I dropped it on the ground. a boy laughed at me and I got all up in his face until Marie thankfully dragged me sensibly away. I bought another slice and it was delicious.

the taxi driver home told me to think positive. lol.

it’s 3.22am. I’m to pick Storm up from the city at 10.30am to go to the beach. o man. I should go to sleep. but Ever After! aaaaa


Well sleep last night hated my guts. I’d gone to Brenton’s and he made me salmon and veges and we watched Sunshine and The Man from Earth. About half an hour after we went to bed (just after I’d fallen asleep) Jimmy and his friend Nick came stumbling slurring screaming into the house, turned on obnoxious music and loudly demanded Brenton get up. He had to tell them repeatedly to shut up before I finally went back to sleep probably an hour later.

I was woken up by my phone ringing early in the morning, which I knew immediately meant bad news. It was my mumm to tell me my uncle had attempted suicide and was unconscious in intensive care. No more sleepz for me.

Went to the Black Milk sale (everything $30 rather than $70, the most common item on the tables being the pair of red galaxy tights I already have) and bought two pairs of tights and a dress. People had been lining up since 5am but by the time I got there at 12pm there was no line, so that seemed a bit overkilly.

Went to visit some friends of Brenton’s that he knew from previous work, both social workers. We talked about domestic violence – men who use violence don’t need anger management if they can manage their anger in situations besides those in which they’re at home alone with their wives.

They had two little dogs which we took to a dog park where I got to pat a pug. PUGGGGgggggg.

Came home and watched The Game and Primal Fear and ate copious pizza and drank 1.25 litres of Pepsi between us. Feel ill.


I moved Nacho’s tank today to the main room so he and I can spend more time together. I’d noticed the the filter I had in there was generating too strong a current for his poor little fins, so I took it out. I figured it was more important he be comfortable more of the time, even though no filter means I have to change his water more often which is stressful for him.

Anyway I just checked on him to see if he liked his new spot and.. he’s built a bubble nest! What a good boy! A bubble nest means he’s happy. 🙂

Betta Splendins