I am drunk

what happened tonight was this:

Chelle came over at around 3pm and we sat in the backyard with glasses of wine, playing with Guppy, till I realised it was time to go and meet Marie at 6pm at the Fringe bar for drinkings.

Chelle kindly drove me to the Valley, where the Fringe is, on her (out of the) way to other engagements, only once we arrived we sat in the car chatting, unable to stop. We need more time together.

Marie had left her wallet on the train, so had no money, or ID, or gocard. poor thing! I bought her drinks and instead of a gocard she is now asleep on the couch. she doesn’t realise what she is missing. Ever After is now on, and omg, it is such the best movie ever and I love it so much.

OH GOD MARGUERITE why did you have to throw her shoes on the fireĀ  D:

I didn’t eat anything today until new york slice after beers. right after I got my slice I dropped it on the ground. a boy laughed at me and I got all up in his face until Marie thankfully dragged me sensibly away. I bought another slice and it was delicious.

the taxi driver home told me to think positive. lol.

it’s 3.22am. I’m to pick Storm up from the city at 10.30am to go to the beach. o man. I should go to sleep. but Ever After! aaaaa