broken plans and other plans

Went to Bunnings to buy new sliders for my broken underbed drawer and came back to repair it. Measured so carefully for so long and still got it wrong. Ugh!

Was still tired, despite not taking Avil anymore, boo. Maybe I am anemic. I’m going off my birth control for a while to see if it’s hormonal.

Went to Brenton’s parents for dinner, forgetting Neko Nation was tonight!  D: Seb had bought me a ticket. am guilty. as long as I learn from it, and book things into my calendar from now on. I’m so sick of being all absentminded on people and making them haetz.

Dinner was lovelie though. Talked lots with Brenton’s mumm. They had a breathalizer and I blew 0.04, meaning I could’ve still driven. What! I was wayyyy too tipsie to drive. People drive on that?

As we were leaving she said she liked me  ^_^

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