I’ve nearly watched all all of Ally McBeal. I’m watching one now in which she is upset about a couple with an open relationship getting married because “it’s not love.” She is the worst part of this show.

Brenton and I went to look at a two bedroom apartment in Clayfield. It was 60sqm and listed for around 250k.. it would be perfect if it had an outdoor area, a balcony or something. It’s not ideal but there aren’t many around. It rents for $290 a week.

There are one bedroom units in the Valley for $290k but that rent for $410. Worth thinking about I think. Although we’re thinking about living in it at first to pay it down quicker.

It’s all scary. It’s the interest. The very idea of paying interest infuriates me. I guess though it’s time to accept that interest is a thing I may have to deal with.

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