smoke hair

I have a photostream app on my desktop and this photo came up randomly and I was all omg, look at that hair.

I mean it has bellbottoms

I mean it has bellbottoms

It was taken in early 2009. That’s only four years ago.

Anyway tonight Brenton and I went out to The Smoke BBQ to celebrate having my first client. It was pretty alright. Gigantic ribs and pork belly and pull apart pork omg. We had a giant plate to share and it was GIANT. They also boasted Little Creatures on tap, but it honestly tasted like cheap nothing beer… am suspicious.

The session with the client went well. I’ve noticed having thoughts like: now that clients are paying (a lot) for my support I will probably put a lot more effort into sessions, and into my development as a professional. Does that mean I’ve had a terrible work ethic up until now where I’ve just kind of coasted and relied on my skill set being “good enough” though? I think that’s the kind of attitude working for QLD Health and non-profit organisations has kind of fostered in me… since I get paid regardless. Feeling a bit shamed.

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