weekend okay

Drove down to the Gold Coast yesterday to visit Nanna Trish & Poppa Wayne, only slightly hungover. On arrival my eyes were itchy, but I didn’t notice over Nanna saying I had circles under my eyes and had lost lots of weight and my spark was missing. Then the hayfever descended, god, the hayfever. It was so bad. I took a buncha antihistamines and had a nap but was so drugged all day. So I felt I wasn’t really present for the entire visit.

Came back today, Sunday, and went to Brenton’s to be driven to pick up Darren and then some wine and then to Josh’s. We had a picnic on the empty lot across from his house in the fairy rain, Jazz and Nick also and Nick’s funny cat. We walked then to Jazzcat in Paddington for dumplings. Many drunken conversations were conversed. It was good fun.

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