a typical conversation with Marie

Overocea: marie
Overocea: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugh
Overocea: marie
Overocea: ugh
Overocea: :””””””( ugh
Overocea: :””””””””””””””””””””””””””'(

Hori: Wut?
Overocea: hi marie

Hori: WUT?
Overocea: nuthin
Hori: What you want?
Hori: Cheesus

Overocea: idk
Hori: You’re the worst
Overocea: ^_^
Hori: What are you up to today?
Overocea: being bored
Hori: Haha
Overocea: what are you doing why are you on your phone are you doing something fun? what is it?
Overocea: what is it what what what is it

Hori: I bought dad something for father’s day
Hori: Then I went looking for pokemon figurines but couldn’t find any
Hori: Now I am heading home

Overocea: oh
Hori: Yeah
Hori: To play the sims

Overocea: ughhhhhhhhhhh
Hori: Wut
Overocea: sims
Overocea: something more exciting than fathers day and the sims
Overocea: idk what
Overocea: just
Overocea: something

Hori: I could play the Game of Life by myself
Overocea: now that is something
Hori: It’s like the sims
Hori: But more depressing

Overocea: yay!
Hori: Or I could just lie and play the sims
Hori: You are doing nothing anyway
Hori: That’s even MORE boring

Overocea: this is why i need to hear not boring things
Hori: Why don’t you go do something
Overocea: tbh i’m working
Hori: Go to toy places in the city and find ones that have pokemons
Hori: And report back your findings

Overocea: not sure that is something iiiiiiiii wanna do
Hori: To me
Hori: No it’ll be fun
Hori: We can pretend it’s like a secret mission, and I’m the head of interpol or something.

Overocea: no marie
Overocea: no
Overocea: marie no

Hori: I hired out cowboy bebop
Overocea: cool