1. Fi

    Heya, my Mum has ordered me to read the latest Marie Claire magazine this month at some point, because there’s an article about the female biological clock thing and what an issue society makes of it and how women thus panic and feel, like they can’t have kids if they hit 36 and have no kids yet, when actually we don’t need to be panicking that much, as many women have kids up until their 50s.

    I haven’t read it yet because I kind of try not to think about the kids thing, because then I feel panicky. :/

    • Malice

      yeah, some women do have children in their late thirties and forties. and some even later! I hear this argument a lot.. and celebrities who became pregnant in their 50s or something are often cited.

      but age related decline in fertility is evidenced in the research. like.. it just is. women are less fertile after a certain age.

      so I tend to think that those arguments and those articles in women’s magazines and “if Halle Berry can have a baby at 46 so can I!” are just a form of confirmation bias. I mean if I truly want to believe I’ll be just as fertile and youthful and whatever at 46 then I’d buy magazines that told me I could be too. I’d hold on to those rare celebrity outliers as perfect examples of what I can achieve.

      & just not think about how those magazines are probs not gonna publish an article about the hundreds&hundreds of women who can’t, even after spending several tens of grands of dollars on IVF (cuz who wants to read about that).

      in conclusion, I’m so with you on the not-thinking-about-it thing.

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