smoke hair

I have a photostream app on my desktop and this photo came up randomly and I was all omg, look at that hair.

I mean it has bellbottoms

I mean it has bellbottoms

It was taken in early 2009. That’s only four years ago.

Anyway tonight Brenton and I went out to The Smoke BBQ to celebrate having my first client. It was pretty alright. Gigantic ribs and pork belly and pull apart pork omg. We had a giant plate to share and it was GIANT. They also boasted Little Creatures on tap, but it honestly tasted like cheap nothing beer… am suspicious.

The session with the client went well. I’ve noticed having thoughts like: now that clients are paying (a lot) for my support I will probably put a lot more effort into sessions, and into my development as a professional. Does that mean I’ve had a terrible work ethic up until now where I’ve just kind of coasted and relied on my skill set being “good enough” though? I think that’s the kind of attitude working for QLD Health and non-profit organisations has kind of fostered in me… since I get paid regardless. Feeling a bit shamed.

no iron here

I’ve still been feeling tired. I’m thinking more and more it’s anemia and should take a blood test. Anyway I’ve been taking multi-vitamins and thinking “is ok will soon get bette!” Then I looked at the bottle today and in nice big red letters it reads “NO IRON.” Oh yeah, haha, I got the no iron ones on purpose ages ago because my nutritionist told me too much iron is bad. Am a dummy.

Brenton thinks maybe there are nanoparticles in the vapour from our e-cigs. I’m pretty sure I don’t be wanting those in my lungs  😐

Also I have my first client booked at Brenton’s private practice! For Tuesday.  😎


I’ve nearly watched all all of Ally McBeal. I’m watching one now in which she is upset about a couple with an open relationship getting married because “it’s not love.” She is the worst part of this show.

Brenton and I went to look at a two bedroom apartment in Clayfield. It was 60sqm and listed for around 250k.. it would be perfect if it had an outdoor area, a balcony or something. It’s not ideal but there aren’t many around. It rents for $290 a week.

There are one bedroom units in the Valley for $290k but that rent for $410. Worth thinking about I think. Although we’re thinking about living in it at first to pay it down quicker.

It’s all scary. It’s the interest. The very idea of paying interest infuriates me. I guess though it’s time to accept that interest is a thing I may have to deal with.

weekend okay

Drove down to the Gold Coast yesterday to visit Nanna Trish & Poppa Wayne, only slightly hungover. On arrival my eyes were itchy, but I didn’t notice over Nanna saying I had circles under my eyes and had lost lots of weight and my spark was missing. Then the hayfever descended, god, the hayfever. It was so bad. I took a buncha antihistamines and had a nap but was so drugged all day. So I felt I wasn’t really present for the entire visit.

Came back today, Sunday, and went to Brenton’s to be driven to pick up Darren and then some wine and then to Josh’s. We had a picnic on the empty lot across from his house in the fairy rain, Jazz and Nick also and Nick’s funny cat. We walked then to Jazzcat in Paddington for dumplings. Many drunken conversations were conversed. It was good fun.

broken plans and other plans

Went to Bunnings to buy new sliders for my broken underbed drawer and came back to repair it. Measured so carefully for so long and still got it wrong. Ugh!

Was still tired, despite not taking Avil anymore, boo. Maybe I am anemic. I’m going off my birth control for a while to see if it’s hormonal.

Went to Brenton’s parents for dinner, forgetting Neko Nation was tonight!  D: Seb had bought me a ticket. am guilty. as long as I learn from it, and book things into my calendar from now on. I’m so sick of being all absentminded on people and making them haetz.

Dinner was lovelie though. Talked lots with Brenton’s mumm. They had a breathalizer and I blew 0.04, meaning I could’ve still driven. What! I was wayyyy too tipsie to drive. People drive on that?

As we were leaving she said she liked me  ^_^