• overocea

      holy sheeeeeet it’s Q!
      yes you certainly do fall under that category. as in like 15+ years ago. omg. 😀 😀
      ahem. that is to say… sup?

      • Benevolence

        I felt very apprehensive writing that message to you and also this one, HOWEVER I see that you replied. :} I recently watched the new Mad Max movie which is a documentary about the ways of your people, and so I decided I will attempt to contact you if it is in any way possible to do so. Do you get notifications when someone posts a comment such as this? I see it took 27 daays before you replied to my comment so I suppose that rules out there being any immediate reply to this one. Maybe you won’t even see this at all… or maybe you will when you’re reading through your entire blog when you’re 80. At which point I’ll probably have been long dead or something. But who knows? Anyway, the only thing anyone can ever do is try really, so try I shall.

        You say that anything in the blog older than 2005 counts as ancient and shouldn’t be read because its an embarrassment. You also say I count as ancient, so following that logic am I also an embarrassment? I am a living dinosaur. A lone relic of a bygone age that doesn’t belong here, but yet I exist. I survive by hiding. I’m a benevolent herbivorous dinosaur from a bygone era.

        • overocea

          hi Q 🙂
          thanks for posting both comments in spite of your apprehension. it was pretty cool to hear from you. I wish I could get in touch with all kinds of people from the past who may or may not be heinously embarrassing dinosaurs by now.

          sometimes I find it hard to believe that the time we got to know each other was real. do you ever feel that? it was so long ago; another lifetime. I was a different person entirely. you probs were also. but no, I would not class you as either embarrassing or ancient. you aren’t a blog post, after all, as far as I know.

          I don’t get a notification about comments. I get some pretty weird ones, so don’t actually ever check the email that is attached to this site. it’s 6 weeks since you posted last. this is the first time I’ve logged in since then. shame on me! motivation perhaps to log in more often, post more often, yeah.

          • Cynical Cynodont

            This is my third attempt at a reply. The second attempt was yesterday, and I had a comment all typed out and ready and clicked “Post Comment” but got some sort of warning about it being an unsecure connection or something, so I tried to cancel it but in the process everything was lost. I assume I’ll have that same unsecure connection issue again this time, but I’ll just have to ignore it or else I can’t post at all, apparently.

            The first attempt I made at a reply was back on your birthday, to show that I remembered, but on that day after being half way into composing the comment, the power suddenly went out, and did not come back until after midnight. Of course, at that point the day was already over with… but to be fair, I’m sure the day was already over for you according to your timezone even before I started it anyway meaning the whole thing was pointless even from the start. It turns out the cause of the power outage was some idiot down the road cutting down a tree and apparently took the power lines down with it.

            I thought all was lost, but amazingly, somehow, my Pale Moon browser actually did retain all that I had typed, but I didn’t do anything with it and it remained that way for a few weeks or so until there was an update to Pale Moon, and for some reason that got rid of all the browser tab things which it usually remembered and loaded up every time I started the browser, and there was like 100s of tabs so maybe that was for the best, because I lacked the wherewithal to go through all that and it seems I was opening more tabs up every day. I think it was taking up like 2GB or so of my computer’s RAM or something, so yeah it was out of hand. But anyway that message was lost in that ordeal… I had already written it off as lost anyway from the power outage.

            But between those two things it seems there is some sort of curse that is preventing me from replying, in addition to the curse of my own procrastination. But perhaps the third time is a charm? Maybe I should copy and paste this into a .txt file before I attempt to post just in case.

            ^^^^That was as far as I had gotten as of July 2016, according to the date the .txt file was created wherein I pasted the text. If that was my 3rd attempt, then this is now my 4th. This time I’m going to hit send regardless of whether or not I feel everything is satisfactory, because an imperfect reply in the hand is worth a perfect one in the bush… or something like that.

            You probably think I’ve simply forgotten to respond, but that isn’t the true. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing almost every day for however long its been (years?)… but I just couldn’t do it. Now that I look over what I’ve typed and saved in the .txt file is long but doesn’t say anything that was worth saying, so it may as well have been deleted. There’s nothing that responds to anything you said, although I did have something in the previous attempts, but alas that is lost now… so I have to start again, and whether it will be better or worse is impossible to say, because the memory of it exists only in my memory, and the details are completely lost. So whatever I say now wouldn’t necessarily be what I said back then or would have said back then, or vice versa.

            You don’t get notifications of comments? It may be a long time before you see this, and indeed you might never see it because its been so long and you probably thought I would never reply at this point… but I am, and I have to try, despite the setbacks.

            As for getting “weird comments”, is this one any different? There’s little that one would say is normal about this comment, or the person who wrote it…. If you know who I am then I’m sure you know that very well.

            And that’s the thing… you said you are a completely different person from what you once was, but I am still the same… albeit older and more jaded/cynical. I was, am, and always will be nothing and nobody.

            Since you have completely changed while I’ve remained completely the same, it is probably impossible for you to relate with or understand me anymore… like in the Jungle Book when Mowgli joins the man village and loses ties with his animal friends forever…. or something like that… I guess. You’ve grown up and become an adult, but I have not.

            I could sit here for eternity trying to think of what to say and how to properly say it, or I could leave this browser tab open for days or weeks or months until the browser crashes again and I lose everything, but I think it would be more prudent of me to just click “post comment” because this has dragged on far too long; flawed though it may be.

          • Overocea

            Ha, yeah, I just saw this, 7 months later.

            Thanks for your imperfect reply. It is very long and detailed. I’m glad you hit send, especially because yes, it does definitely qualify as a “weird comment.” Of course I love weird comments, and weird people, and weird anything. Hooray!

            The only thing to which I can really respond is your hypothesis that it would be impossible for me to relate to or understand you. Well, it’s hard to say, because this is not much of an interaction. But I liked The Jungle Book and if I were forced to guess on pain of death I would say I understand you so far.

            So there, you lose. Which means I win.
            YEAH! WINNER! ME! IN YOUR FACE! boom.

  1. Jeff

    I wrote a response on April 12 of 2018 but I do not see it here now. I don’t know if it got deleted, or if it just never went through properly. :/

    Did you see it? Was it deleted?

    • mereme

      I didn’t see it, no. I’m not sure if it was deleted by a rogue machine ghost, but I am sure it wasn’t me.

      It would seem you were correct in your earlier comment regarding being cursed. I’m sorry 🙁 you are doomed.

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