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  1. Anurean - J.C. Lambert

    You need LSD my dear? Its perfectly legal in Switzerland. These days you can mechanize the brain to function as a computer with a newer form of “LSD” its a compound designed to work in tandem with the spinal column and brainsteam instead of attack the nerve endings. However the interface to the internet requires a hardwired pin to the spinal column much similar to the v-chip. Currently my eyes are being updated with subatomic lights so as when I dream my “aurals” (I think they are called – ecchos of light after you go to bed) create images fed into me via whomever the man behind the curtain is…. in this case, I understand this “man behind the curtain” is an elderly lady musician in N.Y.C.

    I am starting to enjoy the abuse and attack on my body…. mostly because I love the light display as I start to drift asleep. ESPECIALLY when the mental image is that of dodecahedral shapes.

    To procure LSD, have anyone send you a post card from Europe after a visit to Switzerland. Put a dot of it on the back of a stamp…..

    Thanks for helping me ruin “that Finley Lady” (the richest person in my family) socially mentally spiritually and physically. She sued me at the age of 2 and again at the age of 14. Hopefully soon she will be throwing herself from the window of her new skyscraper, fall on the ground, and her estate will be used to change the names of buildings at W.S.U. as well as E.S.U. and perhaps import hedgehogs to Kansas.

    Yes, I am still happy to be homeless, and I do hope you enjoy your periods of depression as much I usually do.

    I propose a new pill….

    one that is made with Lithium, Rose Hip, Valerian Root, and has a vitamin E jell capsule.

    Perhaps we can get away with a little ephedrine juices. Who knows???

    You know… a new Valium for a new generation.

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