1. Purplish Red??? So the whole amniotic sac came out???

    Lay off the cigarettes, vitamin C, and start sucking down more vitamin E. Also, it might help to avoid malodorous things such as litter boxes, meth labs, and anything with too much ammonia. No cleaning etc etc etc.

    If your man/the father wont do these things for all ya’llz, then odds are he’s just an inbred pussy.

    I smell a children’s video game that comes free with Windows…. it makes for good therapy. It truly does. The one where the fish pops out little babies that you sometimes get to eat.

    Where is Ly D’Angeles??? I need to call party foul…. and I need paid with a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook, and a cat for having to get online at the public library in Portland Oregon after almost being murdered again by… I believe this time the hit came from Chicago and/or Wichita.

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