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  1. So youre still in Australia? I looked that area up, it seems you are on a different planet than what I call home. You know, the one all the “white people” are from. I seems I have been “phased” into this dimension, and I am seriously starting to hate it. There are people who are half like me, and half like my friends. They are a totally differant species. The Windsor Woman is still calling herself Queen and I refuse to aknowledge her existence or enforcement of law within our nation as lawful.
    We have paid our debts to ourselves and those who have bounced by simply forcing all non americans into prostitution. Each nation within the UN has become a “U.N. State” operated on a corporate and worked by the Democratic Party of the USA. Those are a group mind of former citizens and current citizens of other nations. For example, Yuko was a queen of The Orient. She moved to the USA and works with the prime minister of Japan as well as corporate heads of the nations in the area. We have inherantly become a global power in of itself. The money of color, it is of no use to me. It comes from a dimension where America has a queen. When this happens, there are many queens, Cajun and Creole Queens all of whom speak but French or Portuguese. So, due to your patriotism of the queen and disgusting planet you are on that has left me leporus….

    I must confess I am to no longer speak on the internet… but start gunning down any form of diplomatic advances within the USA. This leaves us killing our own countrymen who quote the magna carta or enforce England’s laws or refuse to allow us to use words such as “nigger”, “faggot” or continue to threaten to blow up nuclear facilities or drop Atomic Bombs on other nations.

    That is our god given right to fight off such people, people such as the House of Windsor. It is our god given right to fight them with whatever resources are at our disposal.

    Not simply kitchen knives. We fight by blowing up nuclear substations and the generators the containers come from. Each city in the USA has pretty much a bomb we use to power our cities…. we will kill ourselves and split the planet in half before we quit calling you a NIGGER.

    Okay Aussie hooker?

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