• Overocea

      haha. “horror cookery, volume 1”

      I was going to update with how it turned out.. it was amazing. totally worth the traumatising experience of making it.

  1. You haven’t cooked beef pretty much ever before because… you’re a fabulous outlier. Everybody else down under spends all their time putting steak, and shrimp, on the barbie.

    I’m not a fabulous outlier. I live in California and have cooked meat forever. Every once in a while though… while I’m savoring a really nice steak… I do feel somewhat sad to be deriving so much enjoyment from the sacrifice of innocent life. As if I’d feel less sad if I was eating some guilty life. Can you imagine putting some bull on trial. I think he’d complain if the jury only consisted of hungry humans.

    I’m writing a blog entry about the problem with limited juries. One basic concept about juries is that they are supposed to represent the people. I take issue with the idea that people can be represented. I’m arguing that only Walt Whitman contained multitudes. He was a “fabulous outlier”. I stole the term from a plant blog that I follow. I was curious to see how many other exact matches for the term there were… which is how I found your blog.

    Why am I leaving a comment? I’m infatuated with an Australian economist but he rarely returns my love.

    • Overocea

      why what, every one is a fabulous outlier in some ever diminishing way. for example, you live in California, a place that patently doesn’t exist.

      of course, I searched the term in question and did find it here, in an entry written at the moronic age of twenty-two. how mortifying to think it’s available to be read.

      anyway, thanks for your wandering segues. they were most passionate which is very entertaining.

  2. You patented the non-existence of California? Ok. I just patented the existence of your blog. Now you owe me sooooooo many royalties.

    Admittedly, I was surprised, albeit pleasantly so, when I figured out that you were still blogging. Too often I find a random and interesting blog only to discover that the blogger had already called it quits. And then I feel responsible and guilty. Where was I when they needed a little bit of encouragement? I feel the same way when I find an awesome show and then learn that it was already canceled. I wonder how many times I’ve dropped the ball.

    So it’s easy to win our patent wars. All you have to do is patent a device that informs me whenever any seedling in the world that I might love needs some water. And then voila! Victory for you! I would gladly accept defeat.

    Although… actually… now that I think about it… if California really doesn’t exist then I’m only a figment of your own imagination.

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