happy winter

goodness. my last post was the goulash post? for srs? that was ages ago.

and at the same time.. that was 2016? this year? srs? it feels like way ages agoer than that.

Well. Well well well.

Where am I? It’s winter. At this second, the wind is shrieking outside. I’m wearing ski socks and thermals under my pyjamas. I’ve a heater on under the desk, a hot water bottle, and a blanket around my shoulders.

And the cats, oh the cats! Such warmth vampires. Say at one moment I stand up, displacing Guppy from my lap. The moment I sit down, wherever in the world that may be, she will be ever ready for my lap to reappear.

Having said all that, I’ll acknowledge it’s fifteen degrees Celsius.

I feel the cold a lot. and I like it! tights, boots, scarves, hats, jackets, blankets, hot drinks, short days, cats. I am a BIG fan of winter.

but only in Queensland, Australia. nowhere else. no thank you.

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