1. Anurean

    Hey Hey, a new name popped up on the map…. Oceania.
    Um, it sort of includes Australia. Am I in a different dimension today or are and these Islands a Unified Nation? What I am going through right now is a big fat “no whore” with the nation of England. Right, we are probably having to invade and use the UK as like a place to camp while raiding The Baltic States.

    You know, they have occupied our nation and hired our citizens as gestapo for the last 25 years. Assholes with the word “police” on a uniform.

    If you are, or do become one big fat giant country or protectorate or grouping of countries…. or whatever…

    may I go there and buy a baby dragon, or are all the Jessicas still masturbating, licking eachother’s twats and planning to kill instead of sue? Do you do this to chase off the Maori? Because if so, that really isnt funny. If you do not like such types, kill them. Okay? Like I have Maori friends and such, nice people, they really are. At least they are of the same earth as me. Right? However I do see why some could or would be concerned about their tribe.

    The store is somewhere in New South Wales. May I go there or are you going to be all kinds of territorial?

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