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  1. This is the second time I’ve looked at your blog in many years. I’m grateful that yoi haven’t blocked me, as I realize there is something I need to express to you.

    Big sigh. Ahem. (I’ll try to make it short.)

    When I first got sober, I understood that there were people, in the wake of my fuckups, with whom I would never be able to reconcile. Understanding is relatively easy. The hard part comes later, because you actually realize it. It comes back on you, in ways you don’t deserve, at a particular moment in time. Because that’s exactly what you did to someone else. That’s a real pisser.

    I’m not talking about your post. (I only read the first two lines.) I’m very happy for you, in fact, as long as you are. I don’t perceive it as a punishment from the crabby old shit in the sky. Not in the least. If it were, I’d be inclined to start firing shots in the air. Kids are innocent of all that, or at least they should be.

    Anyway, I’m still sober, even if my rambling would seem to suggest otherwise. I just want you to know… yes, I know. I am blatantly aware. It was fucking wrong. And, I wish you all the best in return.

    Sincerely so.

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