I started dazelie — a daily log of dazed lies — in 2003, as a place to note my everyday inconsequence, so I could read over it once I was 80. I expected it to be hideously boring to anyone except an 80 year old me.

It turns out I was wrong. DEAD WRONG.

By that I mean I underestimated my own level of narcissism. I’ve been reading over it ever since. Every time I do (read over it) I think, Gosh, this is thrilling stuff! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Inevitably, though, I read up to the point where I got sick of updating this wretched thing, and never do learn what happens next, and then become irate that I ever stopped writing. After all, don’t I owe it to the world myself?

(See, secretly I know that I have a multitude of rabid fans just waiting, waiting for my ever-next entry, despite all my modest “hideously boring” commentary.)

So I’m starting it up again (again).

Anything posted under “Ancient” was written 2005 and prior and I really do not recommend reading it because it is embarrassing and you will only feel sorry for me and I wouldn’t want that.