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by starwhite
     there was a girl tall and pale, who wore the same clothes every day; but while her dress remained the same it was her hair that each day changed. one day long, one day gone; each day her hair sung a different song. she was different, that she knew, but why and how? she had no clue.
by silversylph
     She swept down the road, this girl, tall and pale, and all stopped to watch as her hair transformed from short black to luxurious knee-length gray. It wasn't easy to pretend she didn't see the stares but then maybe it was because she didn't really care. Would she ever find someone who could accept her for who she was? Or was this all happening just because...
by Ahtnamas Enihposeoj
     she was different. She hated to be stared at but she knew that they where all jealous of her fiery red curls changing to a short punkish electric blue. She had a child whose name was Melon. He was 5 yrs old and he
by Suzi
     liked to set things on fire with his magical mind all colourful and wise
by mistle
     the girl tall and pale was bewitched by this male; frightened too, but what could she do? he was her own son and though he was fun, he was dangerous too, this everyone knew. as her hair changed to pink/green from punk blue, she wondered again what on earth she could do. to control the young boy, teach him that fire was not a toy.
by KSnefo
     And the girl wondered if it might be her hair, the hair that did chang, sparking his mindto an impossible range, untill black and white and pink and grey were the same and different in an impossible way.
by kelley
     so she shaved her head.
by secretive
     but she'd shaved it before, & if it didn't work less, it didn't work more. soon she found, within the hour, that even though it wasn't there, nothing could put a stop to her hair. it changed again! despite her plot to destroy her hair and put a stop to the changes it made without a care to it's own owner's welfare. she began to wonder if her hair was alive menacing and daring to contrive to drive her insane and out of her brain!
by dsfdsfsfd
by recrea
     she soon realised swearing wasn't going to help any. she and melon would have to go down to the sea.
by glittery
     so melon and she went down to the sea. very tired after such a long trip, they lay on the beach and went to sleep. as they lay in the sun's gleam, the girl tall and pale began to dream. in the dream she stood in a field, in the dream she slowly kneeled, and it was a trapdoor she was before, a trapdoor much too strange to ignore. she lifted the door and dropped inside, and down in the dark all answers were implied. then, upon the beach, the girl woke, she roused melon with a poke and told him she'd had a dream, a dream which was more than it seemed. she remembered the field, she'd try to go there, because she knew it was true and she'd learn about her hair.
by noone
by dfasdf
by erk
     so the girl and her child set off along a narrow glass road, and journeyed through two rainbows of hair changes. they eventually arrived at a small and fairly triangular field, which indeed looked identical to the one that had intrigued the girl in her dream. upon looking left, tallandpale caught sight of a strangely purple hatch, much like the trapdoor she had dreamt of. she climbed inside, melon following closely behind...and found herself on the ceiling, facing a gang of bald pixies clutching pairs of silver-plated, amber-encrusted scissors.
by Em
     As she fought the grab the scissors from his darting hand, another woman in a long black dress and deep, long, black hair walked up tword her. The men bowed as they walked backward. The woman took the girls clothing off and in turn took off hers. The pixies by now had flown off with Melon. They were alone. Two cold, lifless people. They came closer and closer and began to kiss. A while later, Melon was dragged back to view his mother and this woman entangled and passionatley kissing. As he saw thier bare chests and thier soft pravicies intertwine, they became one.
by ai-mee
     Melon's eyes protruded in shock, he knew this wasnt supposed to happen. Tall and pale's dream had said nothing of this! He screamed and broke away from the pixies in one mighty lunge, and flew at the mysterious black-clad women, the silver-plated, amber-encrusted scissors aimed at her left eyeball, leaving a trail of pink fire behind him.
by treena
     no, it couldn't be like this. They thought that they were in charge of the this operation
by treena
     This was not a yes or no question. I've heard of it before. Tell me more. I've heard of it before. YOU? Try to determine if this is a person or a computer responding. Do you think about these things? I am wearing my usual plastic computer wardrobe.
by lisaa
     The black-haired woman fell away from Tall and Pale and the scissors sank into her eye. As she lay crumpled on the floor, she morphed into a hideous scaled devil, and quickly slunk away into the darkness, leaving a trail of blue blood.
by Sheck
     Tall and Pale fell to her knees and began to cry because she thought that the hideous scaled devil was her only hope of ever having a normal life. She then looked at the silver-plated, amber-encrusted scissors. Engraved on the side of them was a poem:
by Floyd A Grecko
     On the endless beach of water, shore to the desert sea, A girl had a son not a daughter whose name was Melon Lee. The son was a savior of old, and the Father of the girl before. The souls were trapped in Limbo, now and forever more. Woe is the lightbringer, to lands of endless night; where stars are want to twinkle, and the moon is a deadly blight. The devil has no family, save for his bride both Tall and Pale; and their son is the priest of this family's church, whose dogma may never fail. Escape, oh Angel, from this dusty sea, and flee the drowning land. Take your self to the Forgotten Spire, with your child in hand.
by mona
     i like bondage.
by Jen
     Tall and Pale was confused. Later that night She realized that when she was kissing that woman, she liked bondage. However she did not have time to think about that. She was angry, and Melon started to irritate her. She stared at him and yelled. After she had finished screaming her head off, she noticed that Melon had turned to stone.
by Chelsea
     Her child gone cold, hard as a rock. There's nothing left for her to live for she thought. And she grabbed a pair of silver plated, amber encrusted scissors, and calmly lifted them to her wrist. She held them there. A second or two. Then a thought ran through her mind. In order to fix this all this is what i must do. She quickly lifted the scissors to her chest and drove the silver plated, amber encrutsed scissors into her heart. She layed on the ground. Her hand on the scissors, the scissors in her heart, the crimson red draining from her body. Her son turned back to flesh, and as his eyes slowly opened once again to see the world around him, he saw her there. Her tender, limp flesh, lying there so lifeless and dead.
by KaleidoscopeEyes
      Melon starred in shock at his mother of past, he knew no way to save her, but he felt he had to try. He carefully pulled the scissors out of her chest, and turned his eyes to them. He watched as his fire-eyes burned them till they dissolved into nothingness.
by me
     Tallandpale's hair burst into flames and the flames traveled to the hole in her heart and shot up to make a rope ladder that snaked up into a ceiling. Tallandpale's eyes blinked open and she sat up, having been ressurrected. She ran and hugged Melon and then they proceeded to climb up the ladder. Coming up into the sunlight again, they began the long walk home. She smiled to herself, knowing that she would never have to feel bad about her hair again. As her hair flashe psychedelic rainbows and flames.

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